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The Ribbon

A small piece of woven textile, fine and lightweight.

Within the delicate weave of thread is an expression of incredible imagination and refinement, a pure declaration of our unique savoir faire.

Shown opposite is one of our contemporary designs, using a wonderful snake skin motif in 100% silk and incomparable in terms of softness and finesse.

All our ribbons are imagined, designed, created, warped and woven in our workshops in Saint Etienne, the renowned world home of ribbon making.


A concentration of fine details...

The ‘shuttle-fly loom’ technique allows us to create exquisite and unique effects, a ribbon with perfect edges, in short, a true ribbon.

The implications of each thread overlapping creates an inimitable effect of shine, depth and relief – subtle but immensely sophisticated techniques which produces a distinctly luxurious product.

  ...and attention to detail

We always keep our eye on the little details, because each and every thread counts and every detail inspires harmony.

  Savoir faire

We delicately combine our know-how and push ourselves to the limits of our constraints to create and manufacture the finest quality haute couture ribbons.

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