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A great testimony to the richness of our past!

Our large collection of more than 40,000 museum-quality antique textile motifs, samples and technical documentation is a constant source of inspiration and an unparalleled design resource that propels our creative design team to a future that would make our predecessors proud.





L'Héritage Stéphanois

In 1772, Saint Etienne introduced the first mechanical looms to the world. The city went on to become the world capital of silk ribbon production.

Amidst this economic development, Henri Faure founded his ribbon company in 1864. In 1952, his grandson, Julien took over, renaming the company ‘Julien Faure’.

Today, his descendant, Julien Faure is at the helm, representing the fifth generation of Faures to lead the company.




The 1980’s & 1990s were witness to a significant modernisation programme including computerisation, CAD-CAM software development dedicated to the Jacquard weaving techniques, and the designing and manufacturing of a shuttle loom for ribbon weaving.

It was also during this period that Julien Faure created their custom-built 9000 m² facility which not only equipped the company with a high performance manufacturing tool but also allowed for a structure to facilitate trade and welcome customers.


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