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1864 :

In the middle of Napoleon III 's reign, Henri Faure founded his ribbon factory in St. Etienne, still today the world capital for ribbon manufacturing. When his 3 sons, Georges, Jean and Pierre joined the company, the change of name to "FAURE FRERES" came about. In 1942 Julien, Georges' eldest son, established the JULIEN FAURE Company which will consolidate, 10 years later, all the family activities.
Jacquard technique...

In 1946 Claude, one of Julien's sons, started the silk department whilst Georges, another of Julien's sons concentrated on ribbons alone. In the early 80's Daniel took hold of the reigns, a few years after his father retired, and launched a drastic modernisation programme including computerisation, CAD-CAM software development dedicated to the Jacquard weaving techniques, the designing and manufacturing of a shuttle loom for ribbon weaving.
At the beginning of the 90's
, Daniel builds a brand new manufacturing facility a few kilometres from St-Etienne. The site at St-Just-St-Rambert stands the symbol of the modern image of the group. The questions of light, movement and space have all been studied and developed to provide the best possible conditions, encouraging team-work and giving a sense of convivial professional welcome to both workers and visitors.


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