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Our grosgrain ribbon

The grosgrain ribbon is a large ribbon historically used for millinery. It is a simple ribbon, but elegant nonetheless. In the ribbon world it is the equivalent of the always chic LBD (little black dress)! Simply indispensable...

We offer the most sublime quality of grosgrain in over 120 colours, with a variety of 6 different widths – which translates roughly as 700 different models of grosgrain.





Our ‘Fantasy’ Grosgrain Collection

Our fantasy range multiplies the possibilities for this sumptuous ribbon: patterned, metallic, or stripped... this wonderful ribbon adapts to fashion and our whims, no matter how outlandish or fantastical!








Our silk satin ribbon range

Another basic but oh so chic ribbon: our silk satin range is both soft and thick. A luxurious essential!







Our silk fantasy collection

Relief patterns and transparent textures, something for every desire..



Our new collection

Each season ushers in its share of inventions and our devotion to research and development aid in capturing the zeitgeist of the moment.


Our "trompe-l'oeil"

An exclusive line of ‘trompe l'oeil’ motifs, with silk as our material of choice.

These unique and striking ribbons are perfectly suited for use in accessories such as belts, bracelets and shoes. We are the only ones in the industry today to implement such high silk thread density and intricate point by point work, and the finesse necessary to create these miniature works of art requires many many hours of concentrated weaving.


Our vintage collection

Beautiful re-editions of a curated selection of celebrated motifs from the Maison Julien Faure archives find their rightful place in our contemporary collection.

Shown opposite : a beautiful iris from our ribbon archives.

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