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The story of JULIEN FAURE told by M. Faure, in the heart of the exhibition.

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Thank you to all!

The historic exhibition at the Museum of Art & Industry, St. Etienne has finished and we wanted to thank all among you who supported this wonderful exhibition which was a veritable success for Julien Faure.

We were sad to tidy away the sumptuous haute couture dresses which so beautifully highkighted our ribbons and our antique ribbon sample books have been carefully closed for another day.

Stay tuned for upcoming adventures!



The exhibition

In 2014, we were delighted to collaborate with the Museum of Art and Industry, St. Etienne to create a spectacular exhibition to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of Maison Julien Faure.

The first room exhibited the historical background of Maison Julien Faure; demonstrating how the company developed its expertise as ribbon-weavers from 1864 to the present day. Illustrated through a range of ribbons from the archives, know-how and practices, the exhibition presented our most loved and bestselling designs that have forged the reputation of the house both in France and Internationally.

The second part of the exhibition, showcasing the contemporary designs and technological innovations of the 20th and 21st century. Haute couture clothing and accessories embellished with elegant JULIEN FAURE ribbons with designers from all backgrounds ( Chanel, Louis Vuitton , Christian Louboutin, La Montre Hermès , Lanvin, Franck Sorbier , etc.)





Haute Couture

Three haute couture dresses greeted visitors at the entrance; Chanel, Lanvin et Franck Sorbier creations resplendent in luxury Julien Faure ribbon.







The beginnings of the Maison Julien Faure were shown through unpublished archival ribbon sample books drawn from our company's museum.

These creations were accompanied by archival documents and wonderful fashion engravings, which truly set the stage to showcase the wonderful heritage of the company and cement its place amidst the greats of the Saint Etienne ribbon industry.

Visitors were also given the opportunity to discover rare archival documents, audio visual testimonies and photographs which beautifully captured the essence of weavers and ‘passementiers’ who have worked and whose lived have been touched by the Maison Julien Faure since 1864.





Contemporary section

The Contemporary exhibit room demonstrated excellently how JULIEN FAURE has always strived to ensure technical innovation and style remains at the very core of the company’s development strategy. The key has always been to propose original, unique designs to suit every designers desires.

Also on exhibit were our exclusive range of braces for ‘Trafalgar’; jacquard woven watch straps for Tudor watches (Rolex group); Hermes luxury accessories and haute couture creations including examples from fashion houses Chanel, Hermes, and Prada ...


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