27 bd de l'industrie
Z.I. de Collonges
42170 St-Just-St-Rambert

Tel. +33(0) 4 77 36 10 00
Fax +33(0) 4 77 36 10 05
mail: clients@julien-faure.fr
Ribbons and Silky Fabrics
Our line of ribbons: silk satin and silk grosgrain, cotton and viscose grosgrain, picot edge taffetta, jacquards from our new, vintage and antique collections.
Our line of fabrics: Jacquard fabrics, in a shimmering palette of colors and very subtle and varied reliefs.
A collection that caters to a large diverse market.
Fashion designers, ready-to-wear brands, find in JULIEN FAURE, a partner who will listen attentively to their needs.
The great names of the world's international brands, account for a large part of our clientele.

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